Newtown Road Prayer List

General Needs

  • Nicholas- has completed boot camp and is now a Marine; pray for his safety and for his salvation

  • Joshua- God's direction in seeking a new job

  • John K.- had a job interview Oct. 9 & 10 for a radiologist position in PA - pray he is hired

  • Pray for those serving in our Jail Ministry. Pray for the hearts of the inmates they minister to.

  • Timothy- continue to pray for him in this time of transition back into society

  • Crystal Pratt -her new job is going well - pray for wisdom in decisions she needs to make going forward. Unsure if she can manage full time with her disabilities.

  • Our Pastors, Elders, Church, and members

  • Our missionaries home & abroad

  • Safety for all those serving in military

  • Healing & Restoration for troubled marriages

  • Strength for those providing care for their loved ones

  • Those seeking employment

  • Salvation - our friends & loved ones: Morgan, Chris & Nancy, Trevor B., Paul & Karen, Andrew, Scott, Steven, Nina B., Jess & Stan, Abe, Lisa


  • Allen T. (Maryclaire's brother) - diagnosed with cancer for the 5th time in 30 yrs. - his treatment options are now limited to trials - pray for peace for him & his family, and wisdom for his doctors.

  • Evelyn- liver cancer - doing well- continues on new chemotherapy treatment. Pray it will continue to shrink the tumors and to be free of complications.

  • Addi - 7 yrs. old - leukemia - had a little set-back and was in the hospital for a couple days - they are using a new treatment - currently doing well

  • Joanne - had surgery for cancer and is now receiving chemo - pray for her healing

  • Ken W.- diagnosed on May 25th with acute monocyte leukemia - bone marrow transplant was delayed and rescheduled for Oct. 11th. His brother's stem cells were successfully harvested on 9/30. Ken was admitted to a cancer center hospital Oct. 7th & started a 5-day regiment of chemo with radiation. Pray that Ken's body will not reject Brian's stem cells, which can be fatal. Ken will need to remain in the hospital for at least 1 month after the transplant. Pray for his wife, Lori, who will be staying with him for the duration. Pray for their three children to have God's peace as they will not be able to see their parents throughout this period of time.

Health Issues

  • George Holly- bypass surgery on September 20th. pray for full, complete healing, and for his recovery to be free of complications or set-backs. His EKG shows atrial flutter - pray the medications correct it without requiring further intervention. Otherwise he is slowly improving.

  • Debbie Crawford, our missionary in Germany, has been battling whooping cough since last December, which almost took her life. Although she has gotten a little better, she continues to have an extreme cough and set-backs. Debbie and Bill are returning to the States on a medical furlough from October through March. Pray she will be able to fully recover

  • Susan Rother- had surgery Oct. 4th - thankfully her hip prosthesis did not have to be removed - pray for healing, pain relief, and a full recovery from the hip surgery & previous neck surgery.

  • Logan - 18 yrs. old - was seriously injured in a four-wheeler accident - sustained a cracked skull, fractured neck, and broken arm - still in a rehab center and does not have use of his hands or legs, therefore he needs full care - the road ahead remains uncertain for him to walk again. Pray for God's healing hand upon him - pray for God's strength and peace for his family in this difficult time